Answer-RC Ceramic Diff Balls 3.0mm (12)

Answer-RC Ceramic Diff Balls 3.0mm (12)

11,90 €

Answer-RC Ceramic Diff and Thrust Race balls are the result of a great amount of research into the product.

First off, we are the only manufacturer we are aware of to currently provide the rating of our balls (Grade 3)
What does Grade 3 mean?
Well, first it’s the HIGHEST spec ceramic ball commercially available, this translates into a ROUNDER, SMOOTHER and most ACCURATE ball. Other commonly available balls appear to be G5 or G10 which are not as accurate and will not offer the same advantage.

The advantages are many, firstly you will get a longer life from both the diff balls and plates meaning less strip downs, they are lighter than traditional Tungsten Carbide balls giving lower rotating mass and reduced spool up time, you will always get balls that are matched in size so no diffs that do not run true due to inaccurate sized balls. Ceramic balls give far more consistent results when faced with the power modern motors and cells are putting rough them, better heat resistance, less wear and better winning car.

Be aware that though these are well priced they are probably the best diff balls on the market today. These are not ceramic coated metal balls but full CERAMIC balls to the highest grade.

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