TLR76004 - TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

TLR76004 – TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

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TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue

This is a 0.20 fluid ounce bottle of Team Losi Racing Blue TLR-LOK Threadlock. If you race nitro vehicles, you will need lots of this stuff to keep any metal on metal screws from vibrating loose. Blue thread locking adhesive is not permanent and will not permanently bond the screws. If you are having a hard time removing thread locked screws, use some heat from a heat gun as thread lock will break down under high temperatures.

TLR’s removable threadlock
Prevents threaded fasteners, nuts, bolts and screws from loosening
Withstands vibrations
Can be removed using normal hand tools
Keeps air, oil and water out

Ideal For:
Clutch screws
Shock piston screws
Motor mount screws
Anywhere screws mate with metal

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