JQB0072 - THE Hex Pin and Grubscrew

JQB0072 – THE Hex Pin and Grubscrew

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JQB0072 – THE Hex Pin and Grubscrew

THE JQRacing Hex Pin & Grubscrew Set includes four hex pins, and four grub screws.

I decided to change the way the wheel hex is attached to the driveshaft. All other 1:8th Buggies have a lot of slop in the axle to bearing attachement. By using a crush spacer between the bearings, and an elongated hole in the driveshaft axle, it is possible to eliminate all slop in this fixture. You may need to use a shim or two along with the spacer. The driveshaft should spin freely after the hex pin grubscrew is tightened. There is no need to overtighten the hex pin. Use locktite, tighten so it is snug, that’s it!

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