TLR334023 - Rear Pivot, LRC, 2.0 Deg Toe: 22-4

TLR334023 – Rear Pivot, LRC, 2.0 Deg Toe: 22-4

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TLR334023 – Rear Pivot, LRC, 2.0 Deg Toe: 22-4

Key Features
Reduces the rear wheel toe angle by 1 degree from stock (3.0 degrees) which improves balance on higher grip surfaces
Laser Etched with clear markings
Precision CNC machined from durable 7075-T6 Aluminum and Hard Anodized
Requires no other parts of custom modifications

The Product Development Team and Team Losi Racing Team has been constantly testing over the summer and found there to be some substantial setups advantages when reducing the amount of toe angle on the 22-4 in certain track conditions. Dakotah Phend, Dustin Evans, Ryan Maifield, and Trever Adamo have all been testing with body 2.0 and 2.5 degrees of rear toe on their 22-4s throughout the summer, notching up many big wins along the way.

When reducing the total amount of rear toe angle, the rear end of the car is freed up throughout the turns, which helps the 22-4 pick-up speed on higher grip tracks. On lower grip tracks, more rear toe angle helps provide forward drive out of turns and more side bite and stability mid-corner. Balancing between the forward drive given by more toe, and the added steering of less toe, we recommend the 2.0 degree block for higher and medium high grip tracks, the 2.5 degree block for medium and medium low grip tracks, and the stock 3.0 toe for low grip tracks.

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