TLR334029 - Shock Conversion Set, SCTE to 22: SCTE 2.0

Shock Conversion Set, SCTE to 22: SCTE 2.0

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Key Features

Lower center of gravity provides better handling and quicker lap times
The Gen II 12mm big bore shocks from the 22 series utilizing high quality machined components, TiCN-coated shock shafts, aluminum bleeder shock caps, and X-Ring seals provide a low friction feel and eliminate oil leaks and length of time between servicing needs
Updated Rear Shock Tower offers additional camber link adjustments. Shock mounting positions have been adjusted for use with the 22 shock lengths
Includes everything needed to complete the conversion including the updated upper shock mounts and lower shock balls

The TLR Racing Team has found that moving to 22 series shocks has greatly improved the performance of the SCTE 2.0. The shocks are lighter, more precise, and higher quality. This lowers the center of gravity and the burden of maintenance, while it improves consistency and corner speed.

Another great feature, is that now TLR consumers can share parts between the shocks they run on the 22 series and the SCTE series. All parts needed for the conversion are included.

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