SPMSS9010 - S9010 Ultra Torque Mid Speed HV 1/5 Scale WP Servo

SPMSS9010 – S9010 Ultra Torque Mid Speed HV 1/5 Scale WP Servo

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No servo on the market has been able to fully live up to the expectations of today’s 1/5-scale community or the performance demands of vehicles like the Losi® 5IVE-T. Servo fade, weak holding power and the crowbar effect are just a few of the issues found with even the most expensive large scale surface servos, until today!

Paul Beard, the person who brought 2.4GHz to the world of RC has done it again. The new Spektrum™ S9010 servo represents a new era in large scale servos and completely changes how 1/5-scale vehicles perform.

The S9010 incorporates features not found in any servo on the market today. Starting with patent-pending Back EMF technology, drivers no longer have to be concerned with servo fade after just a few minutes of run time and inferior holding power. The S9010 HV servo maintains optimum performance levels throughout the entire run while providing speed and torque ratings that put it in the ranks of servos that cost twice as much.

Dynamic breaking technology assures the vehicle maintains the heading demanded thanks to the servos brute level of holding power. An improved integrator design virtually eliminates the crowbar effect while keeping the servo temps low through even the most grueling of runs. Using Back EMF technology, position lock exponentially improves the servos ability to keep its position while greatly increasing holding power. In addition, the S9010 offers virtually zero servo fade, no matter how much is thrown at them. Forget about doubling up on expensive and heavy dual servo mounts. The S9010 won’t fade under any condition.


  • Improved integrator design eliminates crowbar effect and reduces heat build-up
  • Socket-head cap screws
  • HV for use with 2-cell Li-Po’s
  • Waterproof
  • Steering and throttle options available
  • Removable, hi-strength servo lead
  • Low profile standard 1/5-scale size
  • Hardened steel gears


Size Category: Specialty
Type: Digital
Application: 1/5 Scale Surface
Torque: 55.5kg-cm at 8.4V
48.9kg-cm at 7.4V
33.4kg-cm at 6.0V
Speed: 0.14 sec/60 dec at 8.4V
0.16 sec/60 dec at 7.4V
0.20 sec/60 deg at 6.0V
Length: 63.3mm
Width: 30mm
Height: 47.50mm
Weight: 142g
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Bearing: Dual
Connector Type: Z-Connector
Gear Type: Metal
Gear Material: Steel
Current Draw Idle: 16.8mA 6.0V; 17.2mA 8.4V
Current Draw Stall: 4.9A 6.0V; 7A 8.4V
Voltage: 6.0-8.4V
Deadband: 4µs

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