54605 - M-05 Ver. 2 A Parts (Chassis)

54605 – Tamiya M-05 Ver. 2 A Parts (Chassis)

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54605 – Tamiya M-05 Ver. 2 A Parts (Chassis)

This is the A Parts (Chassis) used in Item 58593 M-05 Ver.II PRO Chassis Kit. They can be used to replace worn or broken parts in your original M0-5 Ver.II Pro or they can be used to update you version I kit to Version 2 specification.

Specs and Features:

Compatible with square-shaped battery packs and low-profile servos.
Moves motor position 3mm closer to center for improved balance.
Compat ible wi th one-piece lower suspension arms Item 54606
Compatible with M-05 Ver.II PRO, and other M-05 Chassis variants.

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