TLR332014 - Rear Hex, +0.5mm Width, Alum: TEN-SCTE

TLR332014 – Rear Hex, +0.5mm Width, Alum: TLR TEN-SCTE

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TLR332014 – Rear Hex, +0.5mm Width, Alum: TLR TEN-SCTE

Key Features
Increases track width by 1mm adding rear end stability through sweeping turns
Laser Etched with clear markings
Precision CNC machined from durable 7075-T6 Aluminum and Hard Anodized
Requires no other parts of custom modifications
For rear only

The Product Development Team and Team Losi Racing Team has been constantly testing over the past few months. Team members such as Dakotah Phend, Doug “Casper” Nielsen, and Ryan Dunford have utilized these rear hexes to help bring home numerous wins and even a national championship.

What we have found is that increasing the rear track width helped the balance between the front and rear of the vehicle which improved the handling and resulted in more consistent lap times. We are able to push the truck harder. The reason we make the rear track width narrower than full legal width is to allow for toe changes. As the arms sweep back, the rear end gets wider. We have found that most people prefer 3 degrees of toe so these hexes help to bring the rear end to maximum ROAR legal width. These are recommended for all instances that you are running 3.0-4.0 degrees of rear toe.

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