LOSA6140 - 8IGHT Screw/Nut Assortment Box

LOSA6140 – 8IGHT Screw/Nut Assortment Box

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LOSA6140 – 8IGHT Screw/Nut Assortment Box

Missing hardware for your 8IGHT or 8IGHT-T?

At a Glance:

The smallest things often cause the biggest problems. Losi’s new 8IGHT hardware assortment eliminates a lot of those “little” things in the most convenient and economical manner. Although all of the hardware used on the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T is available separately it never fails a part is needed here and there. Since we all know you can never have enough spare hardware, Losi has put together a comprehensive assortment. This includes a total of over 175 pieces including cap screws, nuts, washers, shims, e-clips, and set screws all packaged in a divided plastic case to keep them all organized. Every 8IGHT user will find this assortment a life saver the next time they are miles from the nearest hobby shop and they loose that screw or whatever in the dirt.


Includes 36 different hardware items (cap screws, nuts, washers, shims, e-clips and set screws) for a total of over 175 pieces of hardware
Divided plastic case to keep the parts handy is included
Hardware fits both original and 2.0 versions of the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T

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