Rear Spring Set, Low Frequency (5 pair): 22/T/SCT

TLR233013 – Rear Spring Set, Low Frequency (5 pair): 22/T/SCT

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Key Features
Low Frequency – Allow for a plush feel on the track with more grip and consistency
Full Set Included – All five of the Low Frequency Springs available for the 22 platform for the rear will be available in this single package for easy tuning
Paint Markings – Each spring is marked with a paint swatch at the end of the spring for easy identification
Black Oxide Finish – The black oxide finish works as protection from corrosion and also make the springs easily identifiable against the original 22 springs which have black paint

The Low Frequency Spring Sets allow for a more plush suspension feel with increased grip and more stability. The five included springs are only separated by .05 lbs/in increments allowing for very fine tuning to get your 22 vehicle dialed in. The lower frequency springs also land better allowing for a mellow rebound as the car settles quicker and more consistently.

Springs included in order from softest to stiffest:
Grey 1.96 lbs./in 12.50 coils
White 2.02 lbs./in 12.25 coils
Yellow 2.06 lbs./in 12.00 coils
Pink 2.11 lbs./in 11.75 coils
Red 2.16 lbs./in 11.50 coils

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