O.S. Speed R21GT On-Road /T2060SC Combo

O.S.Engine Speed R21GT On-Road /T2060SC Combo

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O.S.Engine Speed R21GT On-Road /T2060SC Combo

O.S.SPEED R21GT – 1/8 GT On-Road Racing Engine Combo with T2060SC Exhaust
Popular 1 / 8GT touring category as a new category that can realize a dynamic race scene just like a real car. A new engine, O.S.SPEED R21GT, will be launched in anticipation of the IFMAR World Championship in the United States. Performance is improved over the entire area compared to the previous model O.S.SPEED 21XZ-GT. The crankcase is a refined version of the R2101, which has a proven track record in on-road racing. The cylinder / piston adopts 5 ports of scavenging and 3 ports of exhaust that have cleared IFMAR regulations. The newly-designed crankshaft is designed with DLC coating and counterweights, which inherited the tradition of O.S.SPEED, and press-fitted with emphasis on pit-up. A new outer head that emphasizes cooling performance was adopted in consideration of the GT touring race scene. The carburetor is equipped with a newly designed double adjust type 22E (B) GT cab that emphasizes pickup performance that smoothly follows the rise from the corner where GT touring is important. The reducer is also equipped with φ7 in accordance with IFMAR regulations.


Displacement: 3.49cc Bore: 16.08mm Stroke: 17.2mm Practical r.p.m.Range: 4.000~42.000 Output: 2.61hp @ 35,000r.p.m. Weight: 369g

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