Hobbywing Motor QuicRun 3650SD 8.5T G2

Hobbywing Motor QuicRun 3650SD 8.5T G2

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Hobbywing Motor QuicRun 3650SD 8.5T G2

Sensored brushless motor

Linear & Smooth Control

The built-in Hall sensor non-adjustable end bell combined with a high precision and balanced rotor guarantees the user a smooth and linear power on demand.

Built-in Hall Sensor
Great Heat-dissipation

The silicon O-ring fitted between the end bell and stator helps to conduct inner heat to the unique motor case to maximize cooling for extreme cooling conditions.

Great Heat-dissipation

Customized 3.5mm low impedance bullet connectors soldered to the motor wires guarantee “plug-and-play” and stable connections between the ESC and motor.

Pre-soldered Gold Connectors
Re-buildable Design

The end bell is easy to be removed for maintenance purposes and for the replacement of common wearing parts such as rotor and sensor module (Ex bearings).

Re-buildable Design
QuicRun 3650 G2 Compatible (with QuicRun-10BL60-Sensored ESC)

When pairing the QuicRun3650 G2 motor with the Hobbwing QuicRun-10BL60-Sensored ESC, the excellent match between ESC and motor will give you a very smooth and linear power band.


Scale: 1:10
Brushed/Brushless: BL
Sensored/Sensorless: SD
Pole Count: 2
Timing: Fixed
O.D.(mm): 36
Length (mm): 52.8
Shaft Diameter (mm): 3.17
Weight (g): 194

Applications:1/10th, 1/12th On-road (Race or drift Touring cars, F1, M vehicles and etc.) & Off-road (Buggies/2WD SCTs &Trucks) STOCK/SPORT Calss Competitions (About Motors' T counts, please refer to rules regulated by race organizors), Beginners for practice,and Rock Crawlers (applicable to 21.5T,25.5Tmotors)

KV Rating: 4560

LiPo Cells: 2

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