TLR SCTE 2.0 Chassis Protective Tape Precut (2)

TLR SCTE 2.0 Chassis Protective Tape Precut (2)


- Protect your chassis and keep it looking new
- Precut specifically to fit the TEN-SCTE 2.0, with no trimming required
- Strong adhesive prevents the tape from accidently falling off
- Specially formulated adhesive allows easy removal with no residue left behind
- Includes two (2) precut chassis protectors

The Team Losi Racing Chassis Protective Tape will help to keep the bottom of your chassis looking like new by providing a protective layer between abrasive track surfaces and the long lasting aluminum chassis. When the protective tape begins to wear thin, it can easily be removed and replaced with the second piece of tape supplied in the package. The Chassis Tapes are also precut, allowing for a perfect fit every time without the trouble of cutting the edges with a razor blade.

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