Ultimate Glowplug /Clutch Nut Socket wrench

Hudy Ultimate Glowplug /Clutch Nut Socket wrench

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Unique, highly-useful combination tool for nitro racing includes the following:
- 10mm socket wrench for Centax type flywheel nut
- 8mm socket wrench for glowplug
- 5mm hex bit for suspension pivotballs
• Extended 8mm glowplug wrench reaches glowplug even in deep cylinder heads
• Made of world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ for highest strength and durability
• Lightweight, perfect-fit tool
• Laser-engraved for easy tool identification

The #107581 Professional Nitro Combination Tool is a very versatile and unique tool for nitro racing, and is bound to be a one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. Part of the HUDY Professional Tools line, this combination tool includes several ultra-useful tools that will benefit any nitro racer:

• 10mm socket wrench for loosening/tightening Centax type flywheel nuts
• 8mm extended glowplug wrench
• 5mm hex bit for adjusting pivotball suspension; also fits the HUDY Dustcap Nut (#296577) for Centax clutchbells

Made of world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™, this imparts both high strength and extra-long durability to the tool. The tool body is even laser-engraved to easily identify each individual tool.

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