SW-F1RS - 1/10 Formula 1 Rear Tires V2 - Soft - 2pcs

Sweep SW-F1RS 1/10 Formula 1 Rear Tires V2 – Soft – 2pcs

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Sweep SW-F1RS 1/10 Formula 1 Rear Tires V2 – Soft – 2pcs with insert

Sweep Racing’s F1 tires are designed to fit F104 style chassis.

Unlike others, Sweep’s F1 tires were designed with both Asphalt and Carpet surfaces in mind!

Tires are the most important item on any race vehicle; without the right tire for the track conditions changing elements on the setup may waste valuable pit time! Start with the right tires, Sweep Tires for your machine!

For carpet racing testing has show the Super Soft rear and medium-hard front to be a good starting point.

For asphalt racing start with following recommendation: Choose the rear compound first (by track temperature rating) then use the front compound to fine tune to your preference. Typically we start with the front tires one or two step harder than the rear.

Assembly tips:

Peel the paper off the included inserts, stick adhesive side on the wheel (please do not mix front to rear inserts), flip the tires inside out to covered the wheel with rubber tire. be sure to gluing bids sits right on wheel. (please assemble with Sweep mark placed outside of the wheel)

Place small drops of Sweep CA glue as shown image below, placing the bidding area back on the wheel, place a rubber band over to secure the gluing job and hold tire in place.

Tuning tips:
prepare a run with Sweep X2 compounds on rear of Sweep F1 tires first then start runs compound on front tires too inside half first, increase the amount of compounds until you have just right amount of steering for you.

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