Team Losi Racing - Pinion Gear 16T - 38T, 48P, AL

Pinion Gear 16T – 38T, 48P, AL
Package includes one(1) pinion gear and one(1) set screw.

6,20 €
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These are optional Team Losi Racing Aluminum 48 Pitch, 16-38 Tooth Pinion Gears, and are intended for use with most Team Losi Racing 1/10 scale vehicles. These pinions can also be used with any 1/10 vehicle that uses a 48 Pitch pinion gear. These pinion gears have been machined from high quality aluminum, and hardcoated for durability. Package includes one(1) pinion gear of your choice and one(1) set screw.
Part nro. Gear
TLR332016 16T, 48P, AL
TLR332017 17T, 48P, AL
TLR332018 18T, 48P, AL
TLR332019 19T, 48P, AL
TLR332020 20T, 48P, AL
TLR332021 21T, 48P, AL
TLR332022 22T, 48P, AL
TLR332023 23T, 48P, AL
TLR332024 24T, 48P, AL
TLR332025 25T, 48P, AL
TLR332026 26T, 48P, AL
TLR332027 27T, 48P, AL
TLR332028 28T, 48P, AL
TLR332029 29T, 48P, AL
TLR332030 30T, 48P, AL
TLR332031 31T, 48P, AL
TLR332032 32T, 48P, AL
TLR332033 33T, 48P, AL
TLR332034 34T, 48P, AL
TLR332035 35T, 48P, AL
TLR332036 36T, 48P, AL
TLR332037 37T, 48P, AL
TLR332038 38T, 48P, AL

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