Speed 12B Light Weight Clear Body for 1:12 On-Road Cars

Speed 12B Light Weight Clear Body for 1:12 On-Road Cars

19,90 €

The PROTOform Speed 12 on-road body has without a doubt, been the winningest 1/12th body in the world for the last two years. Having been used to win the Snowbirds, Cleveland’s US Indoor Champs and ROAR Nationals just to name a few, it is a proven performer. Originally designed as a body specifically for the ultra-fast modified class, it was not always optimum for the Stock, Masters, and 19Turn classes even though it gained numerous championships there as well.

Due to requests from racers, PROTOform is now proud to release the Speed 12B on-road body. This body has been carefully refined for use in classes other than modified, and features improved efficiency and slightly reduced downforce. However, in the right circumstance, this body will be a racers edge for the pro-driver running in mod. The rear spoiler features unique twin gurney flap add-ons for adding rear bite and handling balance. This adjustability will make it a favorite in outdoor racing in all the 1/12th classes including Mod.

Not approved in EFRA. Mostly used in the stock class due to less downforce.

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