Pro-Line V2 Closed Cell Inserts for 1:8 Buggy Tires - 6115-02

Pro-Line V2 Closed Cell Inserts for 1:8 Buggy Tires

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This is a set (4) of Pro-Line’s 1:8 V2 Closed Cell Buggy Inserts. Choosing the right insert for the right condition can be the difference between winning, losing, or just plain having bragging rights over a competitor on the track. Pro-Line now offers the latest grooved Closed Cell 1:8 Buggy foam separately in packs of 4 perfect for re-foaming your tires or putting in your race tires that did not include foam. Put the latest and greatest foam technology in your tires!


- Latest Closed Cell Technology
- Horizontal Grooves for soft feel and long lasting performance
- Channel details capture the tire so carcass flex is kept to a minimum
- No air gaps in between tires unlike other brands
- Perfectly balanced
- 100% water safe
- Reusable
- Extremely durable
- Light weight
- For use on tracks that desire a firmer insert

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