Closed Cell 2WD Front Inserts for 2.2" Buggy 2WD Front Tires

Closed Cell 2WD Front Inserts for 2.2” Buggy 2WD Front Tires

7,90 €

This is a pair of 1:10 2WD Front Buggy Closed Cell Inserts. Choosing the right insert for the right condition can be the difference between winning, losing, or just plain having bragging rights over a competitor on the track. Pro-Line now offers an aftermarket insert for 1:10th scale 2WD buggy enthusiasts to use on those tracks that desire a slightly firmer and longer lasting insert set-up. A common problem with 2WD buggies is that the die-cut foam inside the front tires usually wears out long before the tires. Now, with Pro-Line’s new closed cell foam, this durability problem has been eliminated! Pro-Line’s 2WD front closed cell foam is unlike the rock-hard foam that others try to sell because it has just the right amount of firmness that racers desire.
Want to save money on your favorite hobby? Then choose the Closed Cell inserts because they are water safe and reusable! Pick up a set today!


- Closed Cell Technology
- No air gaps in between tires unlike other brands
- Perfectly balanced
- 100% water safe
- Reusable
- Extremely durable
- Light weight
- For use on tracks that desire slightly a firmer insert

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