Answer RC - 34mm Airflow Flywheel 3 Pin v.2.0 - RED

34mm Airflow Flywheel 3 Pin v.2.0 – RED


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After much research and testing to refine what is for many still the most used clutch set up we have made some very valid improvements to the flywheel design.
Benefits are twofold.

1. The specially shaped scallops on the flywheel body will draw cooling air into the clutch assembly, thereby keeping the clutch and bearings cooler. The shape of these scallops is designed to allow air to flow in and out of them meaning that potential for dirt build up is reduced.

2. The machined scallops allow the clutch shoe to seat more easily meaning that there is less oportunity for the flywheel and shoes to rub if the shoes surface is becoming a little burred.

Suitable for the vast majority of 1/8th Buggies, do check flywheel diameter against that used as standard by your manufacturer.


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