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Always ahead of the pack.

With over 70 years of engine expertise, O.S. knows how to stay in front of the competition. Each car, buggy and truck engine undergoes two years of testing and tuning for maximum power and durability.

You’ll find the right engine for your driving application from O.S., whether you need on- or off-road…side or rear exhaust…pull or electric starting. Every one of them has the O.S. trademarks of innovation, reliability, and the ability to produce incredible power on demand.

Competitors come and go, but champions keep on winning. For rock-solid dependability and title-taking performance, there’s only one choice in the long run: O.S.

Superior power and long life
Outstanding speed and torque
Also available “Speed Tuned” for advanced performance!

Lisää ostoskoriin O.S. Speed R21GT On-Road /T2060SC Combo

O.S. Speed R21GT On-Road /T2060SC Combo

489,00 €
559,00 €